Love Color Collection

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Contains all the Love Color profiles in Vol. I, II and III + B&W (76 total).

Volume I
April, Atomic, Broadway, Burnished, Caramel Cream, Caraway, Crowned, Film Love, Heatwave, Jealous, Love, Malice, Mona Lisa, Muted, Ora Blu, Poppy, Sandstorm, Stardust, Summer Loving, Technicolor Dream, Tightrope, True Love.

Volume II
Ariel, Beautiful, Bronzed, Candy, Caramel, Cool Summer, Dreamy, Golden Hour, Ice Baby, Judy, Maison, Matilda, Moonbeam, Naked, Seeing Red, Storybrooke, Technicolor, Technicolor Blend, Topaz, Whatever Next.

Volume III
Ballerina, Blessed, Empress, Fleeting, Flight, Forbidden, Forget Me Not, Goddess, Har- mony, Hope, July, Lily, Look of Love, Lost, Never, Orchid, Oyster, Power, Reign, Rose, Shamana, Vanity.

Audrey, Clean B/W, Ginger, Grace, Greta, Hollywood Film, Hollywood Film 2, Marilyn, Marlene, Sophia


Contains both Love Color Vol. I, II and III plus B&W – 76 single-slider color profiles for Adobe Lightroom CC and Camera Raw.

One click, adjustable and non-destructive colour grading for raw files, retouched tifs and video files in Lightroom. Designed by me for my own work over the past few years, with nice skin tones and subtle colour shifts suitable for wedding and portraits…

These Lightroom/ACR profiles do not touch any of the raw adjustment sliders (although you can still adjust these if you wish). They work on Raw, TIF, PSD, PSB and JPG files. And with a tiny workaround, you can apply them to video clips too. The tones are subtle, very usable and designed specifically for portrait and wedding photography. The profiles can be easily adjusted with a single slider to make the effect softer or stronger, and as they are non-destructible, you can change your mind at any time before exporting the jpg with the chosen profile. If you have multiple, similarly toned images from a portrait session, just sync across the set for a consistent look in seconds.

These profiles work best on images with correct exposure and white balance, although both of these can be tweaked in Lightroom before or after applying the profile to adapt to taste.

Due to the nature of digital products, they are not refundable.

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1 review for Love Color Collection

  1. Chris Sallis (verified owner)

    What a fantastic product this has cut my colour grading time down massively! Matching the colour grading on a set of images is so easy now because these are not presets! Adjustments can be made to each image if needed after the profile has been added without messing up the entire look.

    My workflow consists of basic adjustments in capture one then over to photoshop for retouching. After retouching I used to have to use a whole selection of layers in photoshop to colour grade, or like Lightroom use the colour grading wheels in capture one.

    Now I just create a stamped layer after retouching, make it a smart object and use camera raw to colour grade using the Love Color profiles, save the image and it jumps back over to capture one completed. If ever I need to go back on the colour grade to make adjustments or go for a different look I only need to open the image in photoshop and because I used a smart object I can click back in and choose a different profile or adjust the intensity as needed.

    I also have them installed in Lightroom and synced to Lightroom mobile so they are available on my phone, iPad, laptop for times I want to quickly edit and colour grade images that I do not need to retouch on the computer.

    I can wholeheartedly recommend all of the Love Color profiles. Normally when using presets they have been designed for a certain style of image or lighting so it’s very difficult to make them work for images not shot in the same conditions. But with Love Color profiles they have worked with literally every kind of image I’ve thrown at them in every kind of lighting as easy as one click and adjust a slider for intensity.

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