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NEW Black and White Profiles!

Struggling to get beautiful black and white conversions for your fashion, wedding and portrait photography? This collection contains 10 black and white profiles, specifically designed for skin tones, with neutral, warm and cool tones. Some are contrasty, some a softer and more matte. You’ll find that different profiles suit different types of image. The “Love BW” from Love Edits contains:

Audrey – soft, warm

Clean B/W – punchy, contrasty, neutral

Ginger – soft, lighter shadows, warm tone

Grace – nice contrast, smooth tones, slightly warm

Greta – muted highlights, warm tone

Hollywood Film – slightly matte shadows, neutral, smooth tones

Hollywood Film 2 – Hollywood Film without the matte

Marilyn – clean, punchy, neutral, smooth highlights

Marlene – cool tone, nice contrast with more detail in highlights

Sophia – a soft, warm, feminine matte

One click, adjustable and non-destructive colour grading for raw files, retouched tifs and video files in Lightroom. An adjustable slider can increase or reduce intensity of the toning over a simple greyscale conversion, with subtle tones and contrasts suitable for wedding and portraits work.

This Lightroom profile works as a simple slider on top of the raw conversion sliders, which remain unaffected (although you can use them too if you wish). Scroll down for before and after examples of the profiles used without any tweaking.

Due to the nature of digital products, they are not refundable.

You can download the product 3 times, and the link will expire in 7 days from the date of purchase.




Hollywood Film




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